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Learn self defence, protect your family & loved ones at Interception Martial Arts. Teaching Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do Concepts & Paul Vunak’s Rapid Assault Tactics. Used by the Navy seals, FBI, CIA & many more. Feel more confident, develop self discipline and feel safer by joining our self defence classes at Interception Martial Arts in Hull & East Yorkshire. 

Welcome to Interception Martial Arts Hull

Hull’s only Rapid Assault Tactics self-defence classes in Hull. We run two classes a week in Paul Vunaks Rapid Assault Tactics self defence system and private 1-2-1 training in Bruce Lee’s original Jeet Kune Do Concepts.
Our self-defence classes in Hull are 60 minutes in length and start at 7 PM on both days.
Perfect for beginners and experts alike the Rapid Assault Tactics works well within all martial art systems and develops self-defence like no other system.
All classes start with a great warm-up to prepare you physically and mentally for the martial arts skills and drills you are about to learn & develop.
Unlike many other martial arts & self-defence classes, our Rapid Assault Tactics classes  focus on what’s important and only trains what is needed for you to survive any street encounter.
We’re a very informal class with no traditional martial art dogma. There is no set uniform or gradings.

Self Defence classes made easy.

To train in our self-defence class, all you have to do is contact us by filling out the contact form and then turn up. That’s is it!
Our fantastic free month offer also comes with a month free insurance included as well. Once the first month of your self-defence and martial arts classes are complete all you need to pay is your monthly training subscription and a yearly insurance fee.
We provide basic equipment to get your martial arts training started. In time you will want to get equipment of your own and we can help ensure you get the best with recommendations and some discounts.
Classes are kept small because we always ensure you feel at home and get the attention you need, so maximising the time you spent training the Rapid Assault Tactics.

What people think of our Self defence classes.

“The best martial arts classes for beginners”

“An emphasis is placed on learning practical defence”

“The best martial arts class I have been to.

I only started training last year, but already I am feeling the benefits. This is the best martial arts class for beginners.Paul is a great teacher & always mixes the classes, so always doing something different. Would recommend to anyone.
Self defence classes in hull.
Paul Forth.
I have trained with Paul for a while now and can't recommend training here enough. An emphasis is placed on learning practical defence that can apply in a variety of fight scenarios which I have found lacking at other places trained at.
Karate in Hull
Ben Riches
ITG RAT Instructor
The best martial arts class I have been to, building confidence, fitness and skill. Got a great personal feel unlike most schools where you get lost in a crowd. Highly recommend. Not having hidden costs is perfect as you know where you stand.
Self defence for beginners
Sam Marsh.

FAQ's at Interception Martial Arts.

What if I have never trained Martial Arts before? 

Everyone was a beginner once. We all took that first step and walked into a gym alone, I did it and so did every person training at Interception Martial Arts. In each class we drill the basics all the time, because after all, you have to walk before you run. No one here will judge you and you are only in competition with yourself. That is the best thing about Jeet Kune Do and the Rapid Assault Tactics, become the best you can be not the best there is, after all, “Showing off is a fool’s idea of glory” – Bruce Lee. 

Not sure I am fit enough. 

Then turn up and train. The only secret to any form of martial arts, sports & any skill is to be consistent. We will develop your skill if you bring the will. Fitness will build with each class as well as flexibility and your confidence. As always confidence is key, no point looking like a Greek god if you feel scared on the inside. I am not promising you will be in the next Olympics, Our promise is to change  your outlook on life bringing any change you want.

I can only come once a week/ can’t come on training nights. 

we all have busy lives and fitting in a Self defence or martial arts class can be hard work. However, if you really want and need it you will find away. There is a once a week training package in the Rapid Assault Tactics as well of private 1-2-1 training for you. These can be booked almost anytime and we have a great monthly payment discount. 

What martial arts & self defence classes do you run?

At Interception Martial Arts Hull we teach two “systems” although they are related. 

The Rapid Assault Tactics  were developed by Paul Vunak for the US Navy SEALS. Navy SEALS are elite soldiers that needed a system that worked in real life against the worse people. Rapid Assault Tactics has been used in war zones all over the world. 

Bruce Lee’s Original Jeet Kune Do Concepts

“Using no way as way. Having no limitation as your only limitation.”

― Bruce Lee, Tao of Jeet Kune Do

In laymen’s terms, JKD is about doing what works and making it personal while using the fighting concepts of Bruce Lee. JKD is not about learning masses of skills but making what you have work in many situations and keeping it simple. Jeet Kune Do was never developed for sport only self defence. 

How much will it cost?

First of all, the cost is relative. Everyone has different priorities and income. A 20 year old living at home may earn half as much as 40 year old with a family but have far more spare income to enjoy life with. 

We all know of gyms and Martial Arts academies charging a small fortune to train. Hopefully, I have kept the pricing simple – Once a week is £20 a month, twice a week is £30 a month. 1-2-1 training is £25 per hour for one-offs or £80 a month for an hour a week and the group classes are free. 

Why don’t you do gradings? 

Earning a Karate black belt is an achievement because it shows you have loyalty, determination and ability. It does not show you can protect yourself. Self defence is the only reason Interception Martial Arts exists, not grades or competitions. Training really hard to win a competition can lessen your ability to fight for your life. To be a champion requires dedication most people can not give, so if you don’t want to be the next international superstar why waste your time trying to be? you will not find a better system than the Rapid Assault Tactics for self defence classes if time is short. Remember  it works for the special forces it will work for you!