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FAQ's about our self defence classes in Hull.

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What happens in each self defence class?

When people contact us about our classes at Interception Martial Arts Hull are by nature very informal. We help each other out and push each other to achieve the mindset and skills needed in a real-life self-defence situation. There is a light warm-up followed by lots of drilling the basic skills. We then follow this with a theme for each month. This is done to introduce you to a new skill such as weapons or mass attack.

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What should I being to my first Martial Arts class?

You will only ever train as hard as you are comfortable with however, please wear clothes you can move freely in and don't mind if they got ripped. Footwear should be a pair of trainers just so you feel at ease. A drink is always a good thing and unlike other martial arts classes, you can leave the training area and drink when you need it without asking. As we have said we are informal and have no rigid ceremony.

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Why do you not grade anyone at your classes?

Having a belt has no bearing on your ability to win a street fight..none at all!. At Interception Martial Arts we believe you need to believe in the quality of what you train, not the quantity. A few skills you can use in a real situation is far better than a 100 skills you can only use on a punching bag. We want you to turn up train hard and go home knowing you have honed your ability after and kept yourself razor-sharp and switched on

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To contact us at Interception Martial Arts to ask any more questions or book in your first class quickly fill in the form below with any question you may have on our self defence and martial arts training in Hull. I will respond as quickly as possible. If you are interested in Rapid Assault Tactics instructor training click here