What is Filipino Kickboxing?

Filipino kickboxing pad drills

Our Filipino Kickboxing class is a mixed martial arts class in the truest sense. Combining stand up (the kickboxing phase) as well as weapons training and grappling.

Unlike MMA we do not train to compete in a sport the whole philosophy of Interception Martial Arts is self-defence/protection first.

As well as all the normal activities you would see in any martial arts class we train how to survive more than one attacker at a time and how to ensure you get home safely, after all, that is the real reason of any martial art.

Training in our kickboxing programme twice a week will help you lose weight and get fitter in a fun safe environment while learning to stay safe.

What happens in each Kickboxing class?

At Interception Martial Arts you will train in the Filipino Kickboxing programme twice a week. Each class is 45 minutes in length and includes plenty of sweat, hard work and fun.

After a warm up we drill lots of basic skills doing all we can to make them 2nd nature and be able to use them when needed most.

Each module is 3 months in length and includes new exciting skills and martial arts to keep you interested and learning. The Black Belt modules vary and have new skills so you never get bored and constantly expand your martial arts knowledge.

We are very informal and do not use any traditional terms such as sensei or sifu, as mentioned our aim is self-defence only.

Headbutting in Filipino kickboxing

Why Interception Martial Arts Black Belt Academy?

Meeting friends at martial arts

Small dojo …big results. Individual attention is everything, we all wish our kids were not in classes of thirty so why train in classes of thirty?

Our main aim is to help people like you get fitter, lose weight and feel safer.

Martial arts training give you fantastic benefits such as –

  • Weight loss
  • Improved fitness
  • Flexibility
  • Self Defence
  • Self-confidence
  • Focus

All this while having masses of fun with great people. 

Interception Martial Arts FAQ's

  • All classes are paid monthly by Direct Debit only.
  • No, we can’t turn you into Bruce Lee
  • Grading fee and insurance are mandatory.  
  • If attendance is correct you will grade every 3 months.
  • No, we won’t train you to be in the UFC.
  • Students between 13 and 18 must train with a parent.
  • We do a family discount, ask for details.
  • You only get out of martial arts what you put in.
  • There is no joining fee.
  • We require no uniform although T-shirts are available.
  • Each module is based on training twice a week.
  • If you do not train twice a week you could miss grading.