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The fighting system of the Navy SEALS

Hull's only Certified RAT class



Martial arts for beginners in hull

The RAT System- as used by the US navy Seals.

Here at Interception Martial arts Hull, we run two weekly Rapid Assault Tactics (RAT) classes as well as private training. Incorporating Bruce Lee’s Original Jeet Kune Do Concepts, Filipino Martial Arts and Grappling. The RAT is simply the most effective modern-day self-defence. Extremely effective, Barbaric and streamlined, designed to work in the very worse self-defence situations. Interception Martial Arts is Hull’s only certified ITG RAT class. Running group classes as well as private 1-2-1 sessions, small group training and RAT instructor training .

The total martial arts academy hull

Why would you train the Rapid Assault Tactics?

The RAT is used by not just the special forces , but elite law enforcement. The Rapid assault Tactics are used by special forces soldiers in extreme circumstances every day. Meaning this is all action not theory, If they were not effective they wouldn’t use them. While there are many ranges of fighting the Rapid Assault tactics breaks them down into four simple phases.Interception,Destruction,Pressure & Termination. Each section links into the next giving you a flexible self-defence system..You will improve faster like this than any other way

Martial arts for beginners in hull

What type of person is the R.A.T suited for?

The RAT self defence classes are Jeet Kune Do Concepts based and have no belts or gradings. In some sessions you will repeat the same skills over and over as opposed to learning new ones. This is to ensure you absolutely master them. There is contact and training can become rough, this is of course structured to avoid injury, keep it light hearted and fun. The RAT is all about making you far better at self-defence and street tactics. We have no uniform and only ask you to dress ready to train hard in clothes that could get ripped.

The Rapid Assault Tactics in detail

When Paul Vunak created the Rapid Assault Tactics he not only built the world best self defence system, he created it in an easy to learn and maintain method. Working with Bruce Lee’s original Jeet Kune do concepts, Filipino Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and much more. In his own words Paul “took a floodlight of information and distilled it into a laser beam”. Interception Martial Arts is Hull‘s only certified ITG CCI RAT school, ensuring the people of Hull & East Yorkshire can train in the worlds most effective self defence system. Below is the main areas of the Rapid Assault Tactics.


“The easiest way to win a fight is to reach over and knock them out” – Bruce Lee.
Sound Simple doesn’t it? In essence, it is, as soon as some one makes that first move to come towards you hit them hard and fast catching them unprepared for your attack and finishing the fight. Our self defence classes in Hull prioritise this range so much it’s where we got our name from. Once you understand the timing and the power you can create you will wonder why people still train in systems where they block first and hit second. Using skills and concepts from Wing Chun Kung Fu, Boxing and western Fencing, hitting hard & hitting first will be your main form of self defence.


Hitting on the first beat is always the key to intercepting, but what if you miss or worse still you miss your target?.
Well, this is where destruction’s come into their own. Taken from the Filipino Martial Art of Kali. You have found yourself in a range which resembles a boxing match and your both close enough to hit each other. Traditional Martial Arts work on a passive block then a strike, the Filipino Martial Arts turn that passive block into a weapon. This makes your attacker  feel like they are hitting a brick wall and getting their hands and feet smashed while doing it. This allows you to cause unbearable pain which leads perfectly into the next phase, Pressure.


” you shouldn’t have a favourite technique but if I did it would be the straight Blast” – Paul Vunak. Borrowed from Wing Chun the straight blast is punching as fast as you can while running as fast as you can at the attacker.Using Interceptions or Destruction’s you cause pain to your attacker. In that small window of time, you then hit them with a barrage of punches and the added pressure of you running as fast as you can. No self defence system in the world teaches people to fight while running backwards. It will disorientate your attacker and most often finish the fight. If for some reason it does not you would move to the next phase termination.


Termination of the fight in my experience is a stage you will hardly ever get to. For most people, the straight blast ends the attack not many people recover from it. However, there is always that one time when you have to fight someone who looks and smell like the incredible hulk and are as high as a kite. To do this will learn to fight in a range not many people know how to, clinching range. Using a Thai Boxing clinch we also use the three most effective weapons on our body, Headbutts, Knees and Elbows. The closeness of range you are in at this point makes it harder to miss than hit your attacker. If you learn how to fight here you control everything about the fight.