Personal Training at Interception Martial Arts Hull.

One to One attention.

Personal Programming

Times to fit your busy life style.

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Private Martial Arts Training

Easily the fastest way to get as good as you can, personal martial arts training allows you to focus on what you like or something you feel you need to get better at. You can use your time to practise something you have learnt in any of our classes. Many of the people who train privately have been surprised how quickly they progress and the confidence that builds. So whatever area you want to cover you can chop and change or chose to follow a programme to improve your martial arts in a specific area.As well as the Rapid Assault Tactics we include Kali and street grappling in our classes , of course this can be including the sessions.Each session is at a time of your choosing.

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Why train self defence privately

Now, this is surprisingly a question that has more than one answer. People ’s reason for private training varies from, just wanting to be the best in class, just wanting to be the best they can or maybe they don’t like group training at all. Other people's reason to train martial arts privately is time. We all lead busy lives and putting aside two evenings a week to train can be hard. Also add that in a group class you are sharing your training time with a partner, in a one to one session it’s all about you. This is means effectively you’re training twice as much in an hour that you would in a group class, giving even more value to training privately.

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What is included with Private training

There are many benefits to training martial arts in groups. Private training sessions give all the same benefits plus there are a few extras these include. Accelerated learning - be the best you can be in your own time. Move on when ready or spend extra time mastering a new skill. Personal attention - one hour per week at least dedicated to you, no one else. In-Depth Knowledge - there is a difference between knowing a skill and KNOWING a skill.There is also a fantastic monthly discount for paying up front which also includes free access to the other Interception Martial arts classes.You can also train to be a R.A.T instructor. Click the logo above.