Rapid Assault Tactics - as used by the US navy Seals.

Here at Interception Martial arts Hull we run weekly Rapid Assault Tactics (RAT) classes.  Incorporating Bruce Lee’s Original Jeet Kune Do Concepts, Filipino Martial Arts and Grappling.

The RAT is simply the most effective modern-day self-defence.Extremely effective, Barbaric and streamlined, designed to work in the very worse self-defence situations.

Because the Rapid Assault Tactics were built for the US Special Forces like the  Navy Seals, FBI, CIA & many more.They are Paul Vunak’s “Military Technology”.

Interception Martial Arts is Hull’s only certified ITG RAT School. Running Rapid Assault Tactics classes twice a week as well as offering private martial arts sessions, small group training and RAT instructor training.For more information regarding times and locations look here. 

What is covered in each RAT class?

When asked to teach the Navy Seals self-defence Paul Vunak had to make sure it could work in the very  stressful circumstances. He left stone  un-turned to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Because of this the RAT is used by not just the special forces , but  elite law enforcement like the FBI,CIA & many more. 

Rapid Assault Tactics are performed by special forces soldiers in extreme circumstances every day. Meaning  this is all action not theory, If they were not effective they wouldn’t use them. 

How are they learnt?

While there are many ranges of fighting Paul Vunak has broken it down into four simple phases to help learn they are –

  • Interception
  • Destruction
  • Pressure
  • Termination

Each section links into the next giving you a flexible self-defence system.

Because we split them into areas it allows you to practice more effectively.  

Who are the Rapid Assault Tactics suited for?

Because the Rapid Assault Tactics are Jeet Kune Do based the  RAT classes have no belts. This may mean they may not suit people who like to feel the regular achievement of passing a grading. 

Some classes you will repeat the same skills over and over as opposed to learning new ones. This is to ensure you absolutely master them. 

There is  contact and training can become rough, this is of course structured to avoid injury. 

The RAT is all about making you far better at self-defence and street tactics.  As well as Bi-weekly classes we also offer instructor training and Private 1-2-1 packages.