My top 7 reasons to learn to Intercept.

What is an interception?

“Action was taken to prevent someone or something from continuing to a destination”.

In this week’s ramblings at Interception Martial Arts Hull I am going to talk about intercepting and what I think are the top 7 reasons for it. Why it is so important to me and how you can learn to do it.

When introduced to intercepting properly by my instructor Clive Whitworth ( in 2011 it changed my whole outlook on fighting and martial arts. Learning to Dodge, Dip Duck, Dive and…..Dodge is too much and you might be able to dodge a ball if you can dodge a wrench, however it won’t work for a punch or a kick.

JKD RAT Certification
Clive Whitworth & Myselfh

So before we delve into my top 7 reasons to intercept let’s look at the above dictionary term for an interception.

“Action was taken to prevent someone or something from continuing to a destination”.

For “action” think a punch or kick, they are the two simplest to understand. Notice, however, I did not say easy. Now, of course, the “someone” is the person going to attack you which means you’re the “destination”. A simple concept “Hit them before they hit you”.

If it is so simple why is it not used more in a combat sport, UFC etc? Well, again it’s simple, not easy and takes a while to train it correctly. Ask my wife, I stand in the kitchen practising the straight lead while cooking. You have to be non-telegraphic IE give no idea you’re going to hit them. You have to time it right if they get too close your hit will be stuffed too far and you miss them and present yourself on a plate.

Intercepting, of course, is the very essence of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do and why he could hit so hard. He had body mechanics, timing and hit them as they stepped in on top of amazing speed and flexibility.

Bruce Lee Jeet Kune do's lead punch
Bruce Lee JKD Straight Lead.

Sadly lots of JKD schools have now morphed into Thai boxing with a little trapping and Kali or most often now an MMA school. To me, this is happening because incepting is hard and only appeals to a few people and we all have bills to pay.

I am not going to recommend which people to go and train with etc, google is your friend to work it out. However, if you’re in Hull, pop along and let’s sort some time out. (

So without further ado my top seven reasons you should train to intercept are as follows ;

Interception training at Interception Martial Arts
Intercepting enemy fire.

My top seven reasons to intercept

1, It is the most efficient way of fighting ‘Reach over and knock them out’ as Bruce Lee would say. What could be simpler than just hitting them? Nothing that’s what. It also avoids having to play catch up…

2, Blocking is playing catch!up ! If an attacker punches you, you cover or block it and try to hit before he hits you. Your attacker is not thinking hit-block -hit you are! He’s thinking hit-hit so has the advantage already.

3, Blocking is painful. Don’t get me wrong we’re learning to fight here not dance. You’re going to get hit in a street fight if your interception doesn’t work. When someone is giving you their best shot and you take it bare knuckle on the arm or shoulder it still hurts, too many of them and you’re gonna feel it start to slow you down. That’s another issue for you to contend with.

4, The element of surprise. Earlier I mentioned distance, not too soon or too late. When you intercept correctly you do it in a range they don’t expect to be hit. They are not ready for it and any boxer will tell you the punch that knocked him out was the one he didn’t see. He is, of course only concerned with hitting you which leads to number 5.

5, The attacker is only thinking of his move. His mind is made up he is going to punch or kick your head in or even tackle you to the floor. In this split second he is not thinking. He may have to slip an attack, he has fully committed to your demise. This is, of course, is what we take advantage of.

6, If they are not knocked out it still creates a shock for you to get away. The best thing about training women over men is women understand self-preservation. A female knows if she can get away she should. Men, on the other hand, all the sudden think they are Batman or Jason Bourne and see them self wiping the floor with this person and his 8 mates. Of course, there are times you can’t run away and have to stand and fight if that’s the case be proactive and intercept

7, If you’re not intercepting who knows what can happen? Simple as that really, take the lead and be proactive, or whatever you want to call it. If you are about to be attacked (don’t just go hitting strangers for no reason) don’t wait. He who hesitates is lost and all that! Like the Cobra Kai motto – Strike First – Strike Hard – No mercy! well not sure about the mercy bit all I can say if someone was trying to separate me from seeing my family I wouldn’t stop until he could not attack, that however is your own personal morals and I am not telling you to copy!

So there it is my top seven reasons why you should intercept. I even managed to get two movie quotes in, did you spot them?

Until next week