Weekly Self defence classes in Hull & East Yorkshire

Train in the Rapid Assault Tactics & Bruce Lee's Jeet kune Do Concepts.

Martial Art & Self Defence training information

Here is the training information for the main group self defence class.Training  is Monday nights at 7 PM for 90 minutes. The first week will be free and  then costs £20 a month payable in advance by direct debit. 

There is a cash option that must be paid each month however the cost is £30 a month. 

Once a year there is a martial arts insurance fee of £15 pound.If you take the direct debit option the first months insurance is free. 

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1-2-1 Private Self Defence training information.

We also offer a 1-2-1 private training programme. This gives you an hour on your own learning what you want to learn. If you book a single hour the cost is £30 per hour. If you would like regular sessions the cost is £80 a month for an hours 1-2-1 a week for a month and the main class is free.  Private martial arts training  can be booked at almost anytime to suit you. We also offer  instructor training  in the Rapid Assault Tactics instructor training. For more information click the button below

Training and class information.

I.M.A Hull  is unlike many traditional martial arts classes you have been to before. There is no guru or sifu or anyone pretending to be. 

With a friendly atmosphere. Each person training is willing to help new beginners and explain our way of training to them and experts alike. 

 We have no grading at Interception Martial, we just turn up and train.  See my blog here for my thoughts on martial arts belts.

We like to enjoy ourselves and take the mickey  out of each other in a friendly way. Train as hard as you like as long as you agree it with you partner first. We do not bow, we show respect and keep our words. We train only for self defence, so as mentioned don’t waste both our time if you want to be in the UFC!