Right here we go ;

I feel like Penn & Teller giving away the secrets of magic.

As promised I am going to give away the secret that Martial Arts instructors, franchise owners and self proclaimed experts use to hook people in and  sell you thousands of pounds worth of training and videos.

There is no such thing as the ‘Best Martial Art’ !  

I’ll say it again…..

There is no such thing as the ‘Best Martial Art’ !!

How people sell martial arts.

I have seen too many adverts recently telling people they are the best and they have all your answers.

Ask yourself; How can they? How can an advert know what you need from you martial arts training?!

All adverts squeeze into a couple of templates.  Mostly fitness and self improvement with martial arts. Notice sadly, I didn’t say self protection.

The very thing all these fighting arts were created for they hardly use to advertise, as they see it as a negative.

So what can you do and who do you trust?

This is simple…..Yourself.

Why do you want to train Martial arts?

What do you want to get out if it? Once you have these answers then do your research and try a few classes.

After all, it’s you who has to live with the consequence of choosing the wrong art in three years time when you have also spent a small fortune.

Here is another secret ….. expense does not make it better.

An instructor or franchise costing you thousands does not mean it does a better job then the man running a Sunday morning class just for the joy of teaching.

Please just remember there is no such thing as the best, only the best for you!

There is only one secret that works in any martial art and that is three words-




That’s it nothing more nothing less. Just make sure it doesn’t cost you far more than it needs too in more ways than just money.

Until next time